Stakeholder Meeting on Justice40 Initiative Oversight and Ravenswood Generating Station Tour — Queens, New York

“Those closest to the pain should be closest to the power. Why? Because our families and children, especially those in working class communities of color deserve not just a better today but a better tomorrow. They deserve air they can breathe, water they can drink, housing that is safe, and a community that is not left in shambles in the wake of every storm.”

— Donovan Richards

“If we don’t check climate change, and dismantle its root causes, white supremacy, patriarchy, and colonization, environmental justice communities like this one — where we stand right now — will continue to be treated as energy and economic sacrifices. In short, we must not allow Justice40 to become the next 40 acres and a mule.”

— Anthony Karefa Rogers-Wright

Sunset Park Neighborhood Tour and Presentation by UPROSE — Brooklyn, New York

“One of the things that I like about EJ [Environmental Justice] For All is that it centers community engagement in a meaningful way and understands that communities have to be partners in governance, that it embraces this idea of co-governance — not threatened by community leadership, but sees that the community has access to a brain trust that actually amplifies the work of any elected official.”

— Elizabeth Yeampierre, UPROSE

South Brooklyn Marine Terminal
Bush Terminal Park

“All over the United States, what we’ve learned from doing this work, is that communities are looking to shut down the industrial sector because it’s killing them. But here in Sunset Park, we had to think about how you retain the working-class character of the community? How do you keep it a walk-to-work community? We do that by looking at the industrial sector and thinking about how we can serve our future needs, create jobs, and keep it industrial and retain industrial uses… So we have been meeting with industrial partners to see how we can re-power, retrofit their buildings, retrofit their trucks, and keep them in business. Just not at the expense of our lives.”

— Elizabeth Yeampierre, UPROSE

Public Input Forum for Environmental Justice For All Act — Virtual

“It is my hope that the feedback we receive from you and other communities across the nation will help to ensure that this bill continues to be grounded by community-led solutions and that the Environmental Justice For All Act continues to serve as ‘the peoples’ bill.’”

— Chair Grijalva

Community Meeting and Presentation by WE ACT for Environmental Justice — West Harlem, New York

“To be able to sit at the table and imagine and envision and brainstorm around what could be in our communities in a way that aligns and supports resident interests is also what [the Environmental Justice For All] bill gives us the opportunity to do.”

— Dana Johnson

“[When I started on] the Environmental Justice For All bill, I made the same arrogant mistakes that other legislators make — coming in with the assumption that you know everything and basing it on your experience. There are some commonalities among frontline communities, but there is uniqueness among them as well. One cookie cutter approach is not going to satisfy every community… So, we decided on a whole different process. It was going to be developed through a public engagement process that involved the communities that were there, communities that were fighting it, advocates, and organizations.”

— Chair Grijalva



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